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2022 National Sibling Day 
Celebrating Sibs in Media

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Kristan Curren Sampson/PR
Nikki Donnelly/Board Member

April 1, 2022

California Sibling Leadership Network Presents “Sibs in Media”

Keynote speaker Michael Kutcher, along with actors, filmmakers and writers discuss how they are using
media to share the bond they have with their sister(s)/brothers(s) with intellectual and developmental


WHAT: On National Siblings Day, April 10, California Sibs (a community for adult siblings of people with
intellectual and developmental disabilities in California) will gather online to share their personal
experiences with their siblings, how their siblings have contributed to their lives, and how they use
media to highlight their unique sibling relationships in films, on stage, podcasts, social media, television
and news. The event’s keynote is Michael Kutcher, a disability and organ transplant advocate who will
talk about how his sibling relationships supported him in overcoming barriers and living with hope and
appreciation. Guests Brian Donovan, Diana Pastora Carson, Sheena Brevig, Ann Talman and Elizabeth
Espinosa will talk about their experiences as filmmakers, actors, podcasters, journalists, and advocates,
and personally about their lives as siblings of people with disabilities.

WHY: Adult siblings often become the successor caregiver for their brother or sister with intellectual and
developmental disabilities. As their relationship evolves to include caregiving, guardianship and
supported decision-making, the siblings need support, guidance and community. The California Sibling
Leadership Network aims to bring resources and build community, helping Sibs know they are not alone
in their lifelong commitment to their family members.

WHEN: Register now for access to streaming media from April 2 to 10, and secure entry to the speaking
event on April 10th at 2 p.m. Pacific. The event will kick-off on April 2nd at 10 a.m. PT with a workshop
“Intro to Sibs” which will provide information for siblings to better understand themselves and provide
parents with ideas to support their non-disabled children.

WHERE: Register for this free virtual event at

WHO: Speakers include Michael Kutcher, Brian Donovan, Diana Pastora Carson, Sheena Brevig, Ann
Talman and Elizabeth Espinosa.


MORE: This event is free and open nationwide; however donations are appreciated to help the
all-volunteer, non-profit organization work to understand and support siblings' needs, including the
research and development of programs to navigate public and private resources available to siblings with
disabilities. Donate | The California Sibling Leadership Network (

California Sibs’ event is sponsored by the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD),
MI Sibs, DC Sibs, Supporting Illinois Brothers & Sisters, and the Sibling Leadership Network.

For more information visit CaliforniaSibs National Sibling Day "Sibs in Media" event page.

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